Mama Packs are to bless the new moms and their babies.  They don’t have the benefit of showers or going to the store, so having something to put on their babies and swaddle them is a big help.  While we think of Africa as being a hot place, and it IS, a drop in temperatures outside is especially noticeable to them. Therefore, we want to include items that might seem out of place if we were in our world, our climate.

Items to be collected for each pack:

  • Onesie (preemie and 0-3 months)

  • Receiving blanket

  • Bib

  • Soft sock hat

  • Socks

We can also add bulb syringes, pacifiers (preemie and 0-3 months) and preemie disposable diapers to our shipment.  These would be sent in bulk separately from each Mama Pack, to be distributed by the staff as needed.

You will want to bring your items to the Fall Connections meeting and place them in the appropriate tubs so we can separate them. At the appropriate time, we will assemble the packs together.  Start collecting them at your church now!

I know you will want to bless these moms and babies!