2019 FALL CONNECTIONS 

Four locations; messages from three International Workers; hands on project; prayer sessions; sweet fellowship; support for MERCY MARKET & Lydia Project; long miles traveled.

The Fall Connections for 2019 are now history! Over 250 of us gathered from Angier & Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA, to Bishopville, SC. The presence of our Lord was so real. These Connections, held in late summer of each year, re-unite us in love and fellowship. Though we long for hundreds of us to gather, we praise the Lord and thank each participant for taking the time and energy to come share in these special days. Our huge thanks go to the hosting churches – so much time and energy in planning and executing the day. May I give some details:

  • Locations for Fall Connections are planned a year ahead. Volunteers welcomed!

  • State Representatives (3) plan with church hostesses to bring impactful fellowship contributing to world-wide work of MISSION.

  • Pre-registration (on line) requested along with a fee of $10.00. 

$6.00 of the $10 go to the hosting church to defray costs for snack & lunch; $4.00 go to the Mercy Fund (AW operating budget for honorariums & gas mileage to and from venues, etc.) 

  • Worship always draws our hearts to the Heart of our Lord.

  • Messages this year were outstanding. (They always ARE!) Abby Lindsey completed her first term in Thailand. From Abby’s heart to ours, she recounted the miraculous working and meticulous timing of our Healing Father for her precious son. Kara Gruber, first term completed as teacher at the seminary in Indonesia, beautifully related life we all live – the calm (butterflies fluttering undisturbed by the train track) and tragedies of life (the roar of the beast – the train rushing by). And, precious seasoned International Worker Debbie Adams, from Papua, in brokenness, gave her sorrow journey. (Soon to be a year, Emily, Debbie’s daughter was killed in a car accident, October 4, 2018.) May I add for Debbie, the whole Adams family, though a year has passed, the agony, pain and sorrow will be with them for all the time it will take to live life without their precious daughter. If God prompts you, why not drop a note or text. 

We thank our Father for these three precious women who came to give that we might gain!

  • PRAYER COMPONENT – our power source – found us praying for Retired International Workers. If you only knew the needs. Our hearts were ONE as we brought these ladies before the Lord.

  • Our hands-on PROJECT – with a goal of 900, we are well on our way to preparing MAMA packs for new mothers in Bongolo Hospital, Gabon, Africa. (Bongolo Hospital serves over 40,000 patients a year). Our Lydia Project – affirming women in their creative gifting to present and sell their products; AND supporting Mercy Market – goods made by women in Asia – sending 100% of sales back, supporting them and their families. Total sales for Mercy Market came to $1,416.00. Praise the Lord! 

  • AND sweet fellowship, talking, praying, listening, encouraging, and connecting! As well as meeting with local directors and women’s ministry leaders – always a blessing! 

With ALL this, we encourage all our churches to present and encourage full Tri-State participation in the 2020’s FALL CONNECTIONS! You simply won’t want to miss these events!