About us

We are the South Atlantic Alliance Women of the Christian & Missionary Alliance. Our district is made up of the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

For more information on the South Atlantic Alliance, please visit saalliance.org.

For more information on the greater Christian & Missionary Alliance, please visit cmalliance.org 

For more information on the greater Alliance Women, please visit alliancewomen.org 

To learn more about our core values and what we believe, please visit cmalliance.org/about

Who we are

  • We have WORLDWIDE FOCUS - PRAYER - our POWER Component

    • Prayer for our International Workers covering both personal requests from individuals and weekly requests from our Head Office in Colorado Springs, CO

    • In addition, Alliance Life, Videos and Global Focus weekends enhance our prayers


    • We are challenged to grow through encouraging relationships (coaching renamed "Mrs. Barnabas"), bible studies, seminars, messages, Fall Connections, and annual Retreat

  • We are OTHER FOCUS - GIVING & PROVIDING - our BLESSING component

    • Covers district and worldwide needs

      • GIVING (some local church budgets include these two funds):

      1. DISTRICT GCW $10 monthly to Mercy Fund (operating budget)**

      2. NATIONAL GCW $25 twice a year (District-set goals with a giving deadline of May 31st

      • PROVIDING:

        • OUTFIT FUND for our district International Workers and their children. Each local GCW gives monthly $40 sent to our district treasurer.

        • Additional monies come in through our Offerings, Craft Fairs, and Silent Auction. These funds are sent to the National Office once a year. We have 63 adults on our OUTFIT list, plus children. The Outfit Fund helps our International Workers purchase basic needs such as clothing, equipment, tools, books, etc.

          • PARADISE MOUNTAIN MINISTRIES, the home-away-from-home for college students and young adults (TCK's). We provide such things as toilet paper, paper towels, foods stuffs, etc. and take a special offering at retreat.

  • We PRAY for our International Workers.

    • We PROVIDE resources.

      • We BLESS our International Workers and invite them as our guests to Spring Retreat.

**Out of 85 district churches, 27 churches are giving regularly. 


Your team 

Navigating ministry can be confusing. Your Alliance Women’s team is here to serve you in any way that we can. 

Please contact us if you:

  • Would like a speaker-did you know our Director, Janice Kropp would love to meet you and come talk to the women at your church?

  • Need help subscribing to our monthly newsletter

  • Need help figuring out how to give to Alliance Women, CM&A and our national projects.

  • Have prayer requests or praise! We love hearing about what God is doing in the life of you, your women, and your church. We would love to share any exciting news you have on our social media pages for others to see and be encouraged by. Any prayer will remain confidential.

  • Want to learn how to become a Barnabus Leader or volunteer with our disctrict in another way.


Director: Janice Kropp

Contact: gcwsaa.director@gmail.com


Assistant Director: Debbie Zink

Contact: gcwsaa.adirector@gmail.com


Secretary: Andi Harsey

Contact: gcwsaa.secretary@gmail.com


Treasurer: Tammy Liston

Contact: gcwsaa.treasurer@gmail.com


North Carolina Representative: Mary Morgan

Contact: gcwsaa.ncrep@gmail.com


South Carolina Representative: Debbie Galdo

Contact: gcwsaa.screp@gmail.com


Georgia Representative: Yvonne waters

Contact: gcwsaa.garep@gmail.com


Ex Officio/District Superintendents Wife: Karen Noel

Contact: gcwsaa.dswife@gmail.com